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  About 40 years ago I started painting and lettering, I'm sure I probably painted something before that as a child, like most of you did. But being around muscle cars, VW's and the drag races as a child really must have sunk into my brain. I was always drawing cars, usually drag cars, with crazy names and paint schemes and eventually would paint pictures on peoples garage walls. I started painting and lettering cars and signs because people liked my art work and would usually asked me to paint something for them on their helmet motorcycle fender or paint a character and letter their race cars, which led to me buying an airbrush as a teenager. Figuring out the basics of how it worked and painting everything that would sit still long enough. This led to even more people wanting something painted around their home or shop, and just like that I was painting on more than just little characters on cars and walls. I painted and lettered billboards and semi-trailers for years. That's when the art work was actually painted on not wrapped or a decal like today. You had to have skills to be a sign guy!  I also painted hundreds if not thousands of signs and murals on the sides of buildings, buses, custom vans and bikes over the years. I think creating signs, art and pinstriping was my calling in life and I somehow got away from it for a while, but I'm happy to be back and enjoying it more than ever, thanks to the coronavirus needing something to make me relax at the end of the day. 

I want to give special thanks to my good friend and longtime Custom Painter Jim Norris (Trick Paint in SC) for his inspiration and mentorship over the years. I haven't been to his place now in years but think about the good times we often shared. I wish I could spend everyday at his shop soaking up his knowledge about painting, pinstriping, carving and automobile history. 

Just so you know this is under constant re-construction. I hope you will enjoy the site as it progresses. I slack off from time to time, but eventually I start adding to it. I have had hundreds of requests to add the art work and pinstriping back here from my other website. I lost thousands of pictures when my computer crashed, stupid that I never backed it up. I'll probably never get all our project pictures up or find past project pictures but keep checking back. I will be adding additional How to's and pictures of current projects as I'm finally able to work again. Check out the site map for all the pictures and information.

You should see some really cool shirts and hot rod clothing coming to the site in this year.  So stay tuned. God Bless!

  We do custom Airbrushing, Lettering, Pinstriping and Signs by appointment only. Please check out our lettering and signs page, wich includes race car number and lettering package specials for the upcoming racing season. 

Of course I still do total Vehicle restorations. 

 Welcome. On this site we will cover and try to answer questions on the following, classic and custom  restorations, all aspects of fabrication and tools, how to buy used Aircooled VW's and Street Rod's, Engine building and rebuilding basics and also the tricks on building quality stock and high performance VW engines, chassis set up for the street and the strip, how to chop tops, suicide doors, sectioning, rust repair, rakes etc. We will also show some of our art work and pinstriping through the various stages.

                  Don't let your dream just be a dream make it Reality!

 We hope our site inspires you to build your dream ride that is uniquely yours whether you do it yourself 
 our we guide another shop through your build. God Bless all that come across our site and Good luck 
 with your build.

  Warning some pictures on this site may be found offensive and not appropriate for children.Please use caution and
 discretion when viewing.

The bus painting above is from some very good VW art that you can purchase from

Simon's Speed Shop mission is to offer Automotive inthuisiust assistance in any of the following areas: designing, building, restoring, fabricating, custom painting, lettering, pinstriping, airbrushing and project completion. Check out our complete list of Tech info and how to's on the site map. If it isn't on there keep checking back we are updating the site as we get time. Although you will see a lot of Aircooled VW stuff on our site we are also Street Rodders and Bikers at heart and will be posting more pictures from some of the VW,  rodding and biking events that we attend across the country.

Our goal is to offer the Automotive inthuisiust advise on getting the best price and best quality parts that will last. We have over 30 years of buying and building cars that last so we know where to go.   

We are finally able to work on our own projects again but very slowly. We hope you can follow along. But be patient, painting other peoples stuff is taking up most of my time.  Suggestions and comments are always welcome and may be posted on this site. Check out the projects past and present page updated regularly well regularly for me is every few months to see our projects. We will also post projects of some of our friends. Unfortunately not all friends and customers want you to see their cars and bikes till their debut.

VW Restoration "Period Correct"
No one is quite sure how we got to the point where we are today, but those of us who pursue a "correct" restoration of a vintage VW all agree: "function" is not the whole of it.....
The fact is that VW parts from so many different years and models, in many cases, are interchangeable and the fact that so many VW's were produced, hasn't helped the vintage purist in the strife for a period correct vintage ride. For millions of people, decades in time and miles of roadways, parts were parts, a door was a door, a headlight a headlight, and a newer, bigger engine was usually a bonus to get you there faster than that 36hp engine would.
But times, philosophies and the number of nice early VWs still around have changed. Today, many have realized that rust and neglect and numerous modifications have taken more of these early icons of German automobilia than we would like, and for our own, the time is now to take them from everyday, disposable vehicles, to the shining replicas of a time long ago and restore them back to an original and very important part of our history that they deserve to be.
Our goal here at Simon's Speed Shop, LLC is to provide the Classic VW enthusiast with the information to find and purchase the correct parts that are original or as good, if not better, than the originals. Parts that we use and become part of our restoration efforts, and that will meet your own high expectations. A car you will love to drive and pass down from generation to generation.

NOTE: This site is not affiliated with Volkswagen AG, Volkswagen of America nor any of its agents. The terms "VW", "Beetle","Ghia", "Thing", "Squareback", "Notchback", "Westfalia" etc. are trademarked by Volkswagen AG and used here only for descriptive purposes. 


The pinstriping you see on this page are diverse styles and represent work done by myself  or some of my favorite legendary pinstripers styles.  More will be added weekly as I get time. There are numorous Pin Stripers out there but not all know how to do it right and make it last so when you want work done find someone that suits your style and you get along with chances are sometime down the line you will want more work done.

We can design and make you any style or type of sign your home, office or business needs. Including but not limited to, Sandblasted or routered wood or foam, Metal and Aluminum, Plastic, paperboard or plastic display signs, vinyl window lettering, Gold, silver or copper leaf lettering, vehicle lettering and graphics, business display signs or just a nice sign for your home. We have hundreds of vinyl colors to choose from and the painted colors are endless. We also  can create that unusaul looking artistic sign that will set your business  appart and become a landmark.  

I can paint your  flames in any style you choose. Some choices include traditional, tribal, true  or real fire and I can do them in any color you want. I can and will paint them on anything that will hold still long enough, cars, bikes, trucks, trains, planes, helmets, guitars, skateboards, surfboards, valvecovers and engine covers, cans tool boxes, people etc. Yes I can paint them on anything! Even your body using body paint that lasts up to ten days.

Motorcycle Painting 

Basicly there is no limit to your paint job if you can dream it I can paint it. Never use a painter based solely on price. There are some pretty crappy painters charging a lot of money for paint jobs especially thesed days everyone is trying their hand at painting. I may elect not to paint your bike, car or truck but I will tell you some great places to go.  

  We do custom Airbrushing, Lettering, Pinstriping and Signs by appointment only. Please check out our lettering and signs page, wich includes race car number and lettering package specials for the upcoming racing season.